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Strengthen the core!

This 45-minute fat-burning workout is great for people with PCOS because strength training workouts are the secret to fighting insulin resistance. Minimal CARDIO!!!

Warm up:

Lunge walk

Frankenstein walk

10 reverse lunge w/ band

10 revserse curtsy lunge w/ band

10 lunge jumps w/ band

Cat cow pose


  • Table abduction w/ band

  • Glute bridge w/ band

  • Fire hydrant w/ band

  • Donkey kicks w/band

  • Pulses w/ band

  • Squat jumps w/ band

10 incline push-ups

10 tricep dips


  • Leg pull-ins

  • Knee tuck in and out (left, over, right)

  • No crunch Dead bug

  • Swimmers

  • Reverse crunches

  • Bicycle

  • Mountain climbers

  • Plank jacks or side plank with leg extensions

50-sec plank

stretch YOU MADE IT!!

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