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In Jay Shetty's podcast titled Five things to never do in a rush, he said: "Slow down sometimes, slowing down and taking a break, can lead to your best work, can lead to you being more creative".

During the last few months of 2019, I decided to take a step back, mostly because I have had visitors! That period of over-indulging, little nibbles adds up! THEN CHRISTMAS HAPPENED. Even though I ate less than what OLD NUTANA would, thank god I track what I eat, makes eating with PCOS manageable.

During the last few months or 2019, I worked out less than I used to, just before Christmas I started to get back into my routine. SO I started 2020 on the right foot, getting my daily exercise in, just 30 minutes a day of ANYTHING! I enjoy strength training more than cardio, it's more effective for fat loss, but I also get cardio in. Having PCOS it is essential to monitor your waistline, so whatever you do, incorporate abs, just to target our problem area.

With this new decade, I am excited to be even more creative, help inspire, and help others making eating with PCOS a breeze. A personal goal of mine is to get to 125lbs by the end of March, by eating a lot of what's good for me, and do so by getting in 30 minute "quick and dirty workouts in". MESSAGE ME and share your goals. I would love to be part of your village, rooting for you, inspiring you to achieve your goals!

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dian paul
dian paul
23 de fev. de 2020

Hi good night

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